Unconventional Boulder Transportation

By Jim Harrington. At Best Western Plus Boulder Inn all your transit needs are available to meet your style.  We are near a highway to quickly get you in and out of town. We are also near bus stops both for local and regional trips. We provide you with an electric charging station if your car needs one and just around the corner there is a gas station if your car prefers fuel.  We provide free bikes to use around town or you can rent one from B cycle for use between bike sharing stations.  Shuttle bus companies can take you to or from the airport and there are cabs and limousines and Uber and Lyft  you can use to customize your ride almost anywhere.  But getting around Boulder is not just about transit it is also about fun.  Want an out of the ordinary way to move around town? Boulder has options for you!
Boulder at its core has over 17 miles of an off street greenway system which allows you to ride a bike or walk along Boulder Creek and other tributaries without having to interact with cars. The greenways program provides innovative transportation options in the heart of Boulder along with opportunities to have more fun moving across town. You can walk, hop, skip and jump across town. Boulder even named some of its busses Hop, Skip, Bound and Jump to celebrate moving on the greenways even while sitting on a bus.  Surrounding the city of Boulder are over 145 miles of trails. There are numerous places to go to enjoy a hike or mountain bike ride. And we want you to enjoy it all with your own sense of pizazz.
You have your own style of moving and we welcome that. Once a week you will hear numerous “Happy Thursday!” greetings from people in costume riding delightfully lit cruiser bikes as if they were part of a parade. Each week they will have a different theme of costume from Tie Dye, to Pirate, to Santa Claus and even Where’s Waldo ect. They will ride bikes with a boom box trailer of speakers for impromptu dance parties when they stop their caravan and even a sushi bike trailer table for fine dining. If you feel so inclined feel free to join them or just enjoy then from curbside.
For years Boulder hosted a Kinetics festival of human powered sculptures that could race one another over land and water. You can still see a number of these contraptions around town or in use at Burning Man. On warm days it is not unusual to see people get across town on an elliptical bike, in winter on fat tired bikes and all year long on a unicycle. Yes Boulder has a circus school and their students commute by bike too! And Parkour camps so you will see people bound over buildings and other urban obstacles. Boulder does not just have Bike to work days it also has Tube to work days as people dress up in their business finest attire and tube to work down Boulder Creek.  You will see people get around on their Segway’s even those with seeing eye canes so watch out for them! In the winter time people will sled, ski and snowshoe in town. Come to Boulder and have fun getting around town in your own style!


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