The Boulder Hippy

1. Into the Wind

“Having a kite store in a place with some of the worst
winds on the planet, Into the Wind has learned what
separates kites that fly well from kites that fly great.
Together with leading kite designers, Into the Wind
turned that experience into some of the best flying
kites anywhere.”
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2. Umba Love

“Umba means “sisters” in Balinese, from the first
place Umba Love found treasures to bring home.
Fueled with the passion of travel, music and art,
Umba Love started vending at music festivals selling
imports and Umbas design line. They seek to find
and create clothing that inspires, as well as embodies
both comfort and our unique, playful, artistic
expression. Umba Love is always looking to connect
with people around the world to exchange energy,
vision and world-class wearable art.”
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3. The Boulder Bookstore

“The Boulder Book Store is Boulder’s largest independent bookstore with 20,000 sq. feet, more than 100,000 titles, and three floors. We host more than 200 events in the store and in the community every year. Boulder Book Store has been named “Bookstore of the Year ” by Publishers Weekly in 2018, and “Best of Boulder” by local papers every year since 1987.”
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4. Art Mart

“Art Mart Gifts is an Eclectic gift & souvenir shop for jewelry, arts & crafts, with many items crafted by area artists. Here you’ll find great art and products that come from the heart of Boulder’s creative community featuring retail arts and crafts with over 300 local, national, and international artists.”
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5. Buffalo Exchange

“Buffalo Exchange Colorado is the place in Boulder to buy, sell or trade your gently used clothing and accessories for cash or new-to-you items. They curate items ahead of time to guarantee current, local trends and styles. The inventory refreshes daily, which means there is always a new selection of designer labels, vintage, jeans, leather, basics and one of a kind items. You will also come across brand new clothing and accessories.”
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6. Odd Molly

“Odd Molly is a brand with a mind, a heart and a conscience. Odd Molly is also a loving brand with high ambitions still a brand that will never take itself too seriously. The Odd Molly mind loves to submit
to its appetite for more, always being damn fabulous meanwhile. Their celebration is to all women worldwide and our way to celebrate the things we love the most. The people, the places and the moments is what brought Odd Molly to where it is today.”
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