Frozen Dead Guy Days

When the wind howls longer than the sun shines and there is no escape from winters blast for months to come it is time to celebrate, dance and party at Frozen Dead Guy Days. Nederland Colorado, 25 minutes from the Best Western Boulder Inn, hosts the annual Frozen Dead Guy Days .

No need to bring your own Frozen Dead Guy, the mountain town of Nederland provides one Frozen Grandpa in a Tuff Shed free of charge. But do rev up your hearse, grab your coffin sled and come dressed for fun with the walking or dancing dead. There will be lively wonderful free music in two warm tents all weekend long including a special Blue Ball event, many local microbrew beers to enjoy, coffin racing, costume encouraged polar plunging through the ice, frozen t-shit contests, ice turkey bowling, brain freeze contests, a slow motion parade of hearses and the living dead, a frozen salmon toss, white snowy beach volleyball, showing of the documentary “Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed” and new for this year Frozen Dead Poets Society readings.

The Frozen dead Guy is the honorable Bredo Morstoel, a Norweigan who was frozen by his grandson in 1983 who planned to build a cryonics facility for his departed beloved grandfather. Due to the grandsons financial constraints he was only able to maintain an ongoing order of 800 pounds of dry ice in a Tuff Shed. The grandson has long since been deported back to Norway, but his Grandpa Bredo has remained, unwittingly becoming a worldwide symbol of the legal rights of the temporarily dead. Yes a temporarily dead grandfather in Nederland Colorado has legal rights. Community fears emerged that the body might actually thaw out if a caretaker was evicted.  The town council passed an ordinance making it illegal to “store a body or carcass of a human being or animal or other biological species which is not alive upon any property”.  But because of the publicity the Frozen Dead Guy generated they made an exception for Bredo, a grandfather clause so to speak so he could stay in a Nederland Tuff Shed as the only legal Frozen Dead Guy in Town.

To honor a most unique resident, Nederland began Frozen Dead Guy days in 2002. It is an annual celebration of life and the Spring yet to come in the cold wind of winters grip. Come join this year’s party.