Flatirons Food Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado

In the tradition of Boulder’s great dining and leisure culture the Flatirons Food Film Festival http://www.flatironsfoodfilmfest.org/ is an   annual multi-day feast celebrating exceptional culinary cinema from discerning palates around the world. Boulder has given birth to some of the best savory natural foods industry delights and is now the home to an exquisite American craft beer brewing renaissance. The Flatirons Food Film Festival (which includes film showings, discussions and food and beverage events) is part of the 70 year old International Film Series at the University of Colorado. All films screen on the CU-Boulder campus which is across the street from the Boulder Inn.

Flatirons Food Film Festival 2014, October 15th – 19th, whets our appetites for all things food- and drink-related with a menu of five films about food: a heady documentary on the craft beer movement (featuring two local breweries), a dramedy about work-life balance in the restaurant industry that integrates interviews with real-life San Francisco Bay Area chefs, a documentary on how urban farming is changing the locavore movement, a visual and sensory tour-de-force described as “an opera in a dozen courses and a banquet in a dozen acts” that involves a Michelin-starred restaurant and artists in various media from around the world, and a documentary about seed banks and the importance of preserving crop diversity in the face of climate change.

Paired with each of these films are events that include a craft beer-pairing dinner; a craft beer celebration featuring a craft beer/aria pairing performance by Opera on Tap Colorado; a chef-hosted feast; a molecular gastronomy demonstration; tours of an artisan brewery; a craft distillery; and a farm with a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program; various panel discussions; and a cookbook signing.

Bon Appetit!


by Jim Harrington