Bolder Boulder

Why did Runner’s World magazine name the Bolder Boulder “America’s All-Time Best 10K”? Simple. Because it is.

Every Memorial Day weekend, for the past thirty five years, the world’s top elite runners and thousands of amateur athletes come to compete at an altitude of 5430 feet above sea level. The race was co-founded by Olympic Champion Frank Shorter, a marathon gold medalist in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. A local celebrity, Shorter was a driving force in the distance running craze that swept the U.S. in the late 1970s. He can still be found running his race amongst the crowds.

At over 50,000 participants, The Bolder Boulder is the fourth largest road race in the United States, and perhaps the most unique. Participants dress as bananas, Where’s Waldo, storm troopers, Elvis, gorillas, and Teletubbies. Winding through the city’s neighborhoods, participants find live music and entertainment at every turn. Bands set up in the front yards, and play songs to encourage the racers. During the race, Boulder citizens hand out cupcakes, set up water slides, throw marshmallows, and spray water to cool off the racers. One house on the route is famous for cooking up fresh bacon to hand to racers. It is known as a family friendly event, where the entire community is involved.

The race culminates at the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field, where racers entering into the stadium are greeted by 40,000 cheering fans. After the race is completed, one of the largest Memorial Day celebrations in the United State begins. Veterans are honored, 21 gun salutes, fighter jets fly over, and the highlight is paratroopers flying into the stadium displaying flags representing the different branches of the military.

This year’s Bolder Boulder will be held on Monday, May 26th. For additional information, please see the official website at